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      The Representation of Non-Western Women in Popular Music
      Dissertation (2018)
      My final BA design dissertation was set around the notion of investigating the representation of non-western women in popular music.

      In the paper I examine and analyze a series of significant record covers, highlighting a continuous shift in the perception and portrayal of non-western women in popular music.
      Page 10-11
      'Tiki Culture & Post War Perversions'
      Page 8
      'Deconstructing Exoticsised Record Covers'
      Page 23
      'Impossible Bodies'
      Page 45
      By reflecting on my role as a designer and photographer, I decided to finish the dissertation by collaborating with a series of non western female artists.

      Here I employed a system that was aimed at giving the artists full creative control, while my role was to highlight their intentions, personality, history and identity.